10+ The Earliest Color Photographs Showing The World about 100 years ago

Have you ever thought that when color pictures were invented in the world? Have you ever been curious about the world looking like 100 years ago? If so, don’t worry, please scroll down to satisfy your curiosity.

The Lumière brothers, Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas (19 October 1862, Besançon, France – 10 April 1954, Lyon) and Louis Jean (5 October 1864, Besançon, France – 6 June 1948, Bandol), were among the first filmmakers in history. In the 1890s, the brothers stated that “the cinema is an invention without any future” and declined to sell their camera to other filmmakers such as Georges Méliès. This made many filmmakers upset. Consequently, their role in the history of film was exceedingly brief. In parallel with their cinema work, they experimented with color photography which patented in 1930 in France and first marketed in 1907. It was the principal color photography process in use before the advent of subtractive color film in the mid-1930s.

These pictures below are groundbreaking and creative in history. Don’t hesitate to see these earliest pics and don’t forget to vote for your favorite picture.

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#1 Mother of 7 Galway 1913

#2 In Paris of 1914

#3 By John Knox, on the front page of the

#4 An early color picture about a little girl driving car

#5 By Mervyn O'Gorman, in 1913

#6 1900s-1940s

#7 Palavas Aerodrome,Palavas, France, 1912 photo by Camille Duprat

#8 By Kahn

#9 Mulberry Street in Manhattan was the heart of Little Italy.

#10 Russia Before the Revolution,1907-1915

#11 By Louis Ducos du Hauron, the foremost early French pioneer of color photography, in 1877

#12 Mirror view in a diascope of a 1913 Autochrome of Percy MacKaye, photographed by Arnold Genthe.

#13 Their house in Lyon, France, is now the Institut Lumière museum.

#14 Autochrome colour picture by Jean-Baptiste Tournassoud of North-African soldiers, Oise, France, 1917.

#15 The world's first film poster, for 1895's L'Arroseur arrosé

#16 Tomb of the Lumière brothers in the New Guillotière Cemetery in Lyon

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