What’s The Perfect Marriage These Before And After Marriage Illustrations Will Tell You Answers

Marriage is a common experience that takes place between two people.

Have you imagined your marriage? Are you afraid of your marriage in the future? We always say “Choosing a good husband is choosing a good future”. As a girl or woman, we want to find our Mr. Right who love us, cherish us and honor us just like marriage oath.

But we all know it’s difficult to foreknow our future. After the experience, we know if it’s right or wrong. But there are popular illustrations to tell you what’s the perfect marriage.

Please don’t hesitate to scroll down to enjoy these works. Maybe you can get inspiration from these.

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#1 Watching Movies

After marriage, enjoy movies at home.

#2 Reveling Your Love

Ok, ok, I know you love me.

#3 Weekends

Just enjoy our two people's world.

#4 Flirting

Be willing to wash your dirty socks

#5 Things That Keep Couples Together

Children are our proud of family.

#6 Levels Of Trust

No need to deliberately maintain the image.

#7 Women

After marriage, I'll eat what I want to.

#8 Things We Do For Love

After marriage, I'll do specific things, like throwing trash.

#9 Sleep

Without complaint, just occupy a small part of the bed.

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