What’s The Real Britain This Fashion Brand Burberry Will Show You

What’s your impression about Britain? I think the first answer is rainy. When it comes to rain, we must have to refer Burberry. Burberry has a long history in Britain and is the symbol of British elegance.

The founder of Burberry Thomas Burberry was a cloth store apprentice. When he was young, he had a dream of dress designer because of loving clothing. So he established his own brand in 1856 and opened clothing stores in Hampshire, Britain. Burberry has a British traditional design style with a classic lattice pattern, a unique fabric, and a generous grace.

Many people including celebrities love Burberry. Cara Delevingne wears Burberry Vintage check baseball cap. Rita Ora loves wearing Burberry diamond knitted cotton mouline socks and Burberry tartan wool skirt. Beyonce Knowles wore Burberry double face wool jacket.

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