If You Have CK Items You Will Own New York Fashion Lifestyle

CK (Calvin Klein) is the largest designers brand in the United States and has been awarded four prestigious fashion awards running. All the time, Ck sticks to pursuing perfectionism. Every article of CK is so perfect. It has been the first choice of new career ladies because of showing NY lifestyle.

Minimalism is not only the typical design of CK, but also the fashion trend of modern society. The founder of Ck, Calvin Klein once said: I always try to show purity, sexy and elegance and keep style unified constantly. I believe people can be more understand what I want to show.

One of the most styles is sexy. In CK advertisements, CK always uses nude models to create perfect and artistic imagines. But nowadays, instead of past skinny and decadent, CK uses more active, energetic, positive young people to show CK which is easy to attract fans.

We know that many stars love CK. Such as Karlie Kloss wore Calvin Klein icon baseball jacket and 205W39NYC Ellie leather western boots on December 7 2017. Margot Robbie wore Calvin Klein 205w39nyc Lace Shirt, Calvin Klein 205w39nyc Lace Pants, and Calvin Klein 205w39nyc Kaiya Pumps on November 28, 2017.Margot Robbie wore Calvin Klein 205w39nyc Jeans, Calvin Klein 205w39nyc Denim Shirt and Calvin Klein 205w39nyc Claire Leather Ankle Boots on November 29, 2017.

#1 Karlie Kloss New York City December 7 2017

#2 Margot Robbie I, Tonya Premiere November 28 2017

#3 Margot Robbie New York City November 29 2017

#4 Martha Hunt New York November 25 2017

#5 Martha Hunt Shanghai November 19 2017

#6 Melania Trump White House Christmas Tree November 20 2017

#7 Dakota Johnson Hollywood Film Awards November 5 2017

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