10 Paintings Will Tell You What’s Presidents Like To Become Refugees Trump’s Portrait Is So Impressive

The higher a position is, the most difficult it is to understand the meaning of the word “vulgar”.

To some degree, I agree with this sentence. In fact, we always have these same feelings in our daily life. We always are curious our idol’s life or celebrities’ life. We think there is a long distance between common people and celebrities.

Recently, an artist called Abdalla Al Omari from Syria painted controversial presidents of the world as a refugee image. He presented an art show called Vulnerability Series which has aroused heated discussion.

The artist, Omari was born in Damasus, the capital of Syria in 1986. He used to be a refugee so that the inspiration of this series of refugee portrait came from his own experience. In the purpose of painting President refugee, not to satirize or to criticize, he just wants these presidents to care about their humanity again and know what’s the strength of vulnerability. Through these painting, presidents can pay attention to refugees and take actions for refugees.

In his view, refugees are the most vulnerable group around the world. Seemingly powerful presidents, they are nothing when they are deprived power and become refugees. Omari pulls presidents out and illustrates their depression as a refugee.

The public has different views for Omari’s painting. Some say these oil paintings are full of emotions and keep profound beauty through art creation and vivid portrait. However, others criticize that the artist just wants to attract people’s attention. His paintings are over-valuation.

Whatever, there is no doubt that his paintings have gained great recognition, and many art institutions have been collected his paintings.

The success of portrait, Omari gets a great reputation and considerable income. But he donates his income to refugees.

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#1 They Are Stuck In The Border

#2 All Presidents Line Up For Food

#3 Bashar Assad

#4 Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy

#5 Angela Dorothea Merkel

#6 Cameron

#7 Putin

#8 Kim Jong-un

#9 Barack Hussein Obama II

#10 Donald Trump

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Man, I love this body of work! I think all the subjects should see these. I doubt it would change anything. –Rosalavern