We Have To Thank This Man Because Of His Dyelicious Which Thinks Of The Creative Environmental Protection Way- Food Dye

Protecting our planet is not just a word, but is an action.

We get to recognize that the environment is at risk that we need to take measures to protect our environment. But in our daily life, we may just know that recycle our life waste, cherish our drinking water or other things.

Early before, an article called Carry-Out Is Devastating Our Generation goes viral on the Internet. It is reported in this article that 2/3 cities of China are surrounded by rubbish and 1/4 cities have no proper space to put garbage.

All of these garbage, food trash accounts for a large proportion, in particular in Hong Kong the dense city.

A group of young people from Hong Kong who creates Dyelicious tries their best to tap into the potential of waste beyond the landfill. One of the people called Eric is a founder of Dyelicious Which opens in 2013 to design upcycle products.

Since graduating from School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2009, he has been devoted to re-creating a better world for people and other living things. He thinks he has the responsibility to protect the environment through sustainable design and to balance interconnected domains: ecology, economics, and society.

He experiments a wide range of materials which others regards them as waste or scrap. Then he uses technology to turn these wastes into a dye. At the beginning, he always was laughed by people who selling vegetables. But when they see Eric’s upcycling products, they support him actively.

As an extraordinary scavenger, he collaborates with different NGOs, while hoping to inspire much more through viewing things from another lens, and understanding how things are being made, packaged, consumed and disposed.

At present, Dyelicious just has 5 dye technique, and the unique technique is kyouyuzen. He and his team particularly went to Japan to learn this traditional staining technique.

Digstories also hope more and more people can share your creative protection ways with us. If you have interest Eric’s food dye technique, you can get information from his website.

All of us can write on our website, now start WRITING.

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#1 Dyelicious- The Finished Dyed Cloth

#2 Dyelicious- Dyed By Spinach

#3 Dyelicious- Is Dyeing

#4 Dyelicious- Food Dye Cloth

#5 Dyelicious- Dyed By Purple Sweet Potato

#6 Dyelicious- Dyeing Cloth

#7 Dyelicious- Eric And His Partner Is Dyeing

#8 Dyelicious- Food Dye Chi-Pao

#9 Dyelicious- Dye Procedure

#10 Dyelicious- Food Dye Products

#11 Dyelicious- Food Dye Chi-Pao

#12 Dyelicious- Food Dye Kimono

#13 Dyelicious-Food Dye Chi-Pao

#14 Dyelicious- Food Dye T-shirt

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