The Rising Fine Jewelry Satr WWAKE That You Can Feel Relaxing And Internal Peace

Wing Yau establishes WWAKE in 2012. And mass medias recommended this brand such as New York Times, Vogue and Elle. To her surprise, many famous stars like Cate Blanchett, Emma Watson also wear WWAKE’s accessories. For Wing Yau who has no experience of marketing and fashion background, all of these happened are a big surprise. But she prefers to stay in her jewelry design world.

The air changes, the landscape changes and the whole world change every time and then. When she was young, Wing Yau who was born in Vancouver always change her school frequently so she needed to learn to adapt strange world. Later, she went to Peru, New Guinea and other countries where the local customs made her attracted. And finally, she settled down Brooklyn for love.

Sometimes, people need to create precise and rare stuff to pass down through time. Wing Yau thinks of jewelry design, after getting sculpture degree in RISD, she worked in some galleries and then decided to design jewelry. Compared with sculpture, metal is easier to communicate with others.

To make works stand the test of time, Wing Yau moves forward to advanced jewelry and begins to use more rare materials such as gold and sapphire. Past experience made her own sensitive clear heart so that Wing Yau prefers more interesting opal and moonstone.

In the process of design, Wing Yau pays more attention to details and is good at creating private grace. For example, she hides gems into the ring body. Wing regards metal as a tool of communication with people. When we stare at the jewelry, it seems to feel tender with tears. The tiny little creatures of life slowly wake up and perch on our shoulders like butterflies.

Just keep calm to enjoy these relaxing and gentle jewelry designs.

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#1 WWAKE by Wing Yau

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