I Believe You Need To Get To Know This Brand Again-Gucci Hands Of Mysteries

Gucci is one of the most popular top luxury brands in the world which every fashion show will influence the fashion trend of the whole fashion circle.

For all the time, it is well-known to make high-end and luxury products. All of its items are shown the symbol of status and wealth. The style of Gucci is filled with multi-culture, romance and fashion.

All of these are because of its pioneer, Guccio Gucci who was born in Italy. When he was young, he worked as doorman which widened his horizon and realized the fashion taste of English nobleman. So he brought what he learns to his motherland to open the first his own store. The purpose is to combine his fashion taste with the top handcraft to produce superior quality leather goods. In the 1930s, the Gucci got a great success in just a few years. Many noblemen who loved riding horse entered the store which raised Guccis prestige. During the development of Gucci, there are some troubles but always can overcome these difficulties and become the leading fashion brand.

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#1 Gucci Classic T-Shirt

#2 Gucci Floral Snake print silk dress

#3 Gucci Patchwork print silk dress

#4 New Flora print jersey dress

#5 Gucci Unskilled Worker silk dress

#6 Gucci Unskilled Worker silk dress

#7 Gucci Cluny lace dress with Web waistband

#8 One shoulder silk shantung dress

#9 Gucci UFO embroidered velvet gown

#10 Gucci Embroidered layered tulle gown

#11 Gucci Wool A-line coat

#12 Gucci Tiger Head Ring

#13 Gucci Lion head ring with crystals

#14 Gucci Varnished bird ring with crystal

#15 Leather mid-heel t-strap sandal

#16 T-strap leather pump with pearls

#17 Gucci Dragon satin mid-heel pump

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