Playful Silver Accessories And Jewelry Design Which Show The Perfect Connection Of Industrial Elements And Fashion Trends

Don’t stop trying until you find your dream.

If not a vacation by chance, 36-year-old Carolyn would have stayed in adverting. As long as one year’s vacation, Carolyn just like entered into Alice in Wonderland which is a dream world she never imagined. She came to the France, Italy, and England. When she studied language class in Italy, she met a silversmith who is her master.

At the beginning of making a silver ring, she was too excited to speak any words. She thought of one experience that at a job interview a long time ago, I was asked what I would have wanted to be if I were not in advertising. I said:” silversmith and jewelry designer.” She didn’t give it a second thought until 10 years later. In 2009, she knows who she wants to be and Carrie K. was born in the same year.

The design connects weird humor style with an all-embracing style which makes Carrie K. more special. Carolyn is good at finding the unusual and beautiful side of something. To find beauty between imperfect and disorder objectives, this is her design principle. For example, these elements screws and nuts are designed to ring by elaborate polished which not only own fortitude of industrial elements but also is glisten.

Carolyn also cooperated with Disney to design the series of Alice in Wonderland. The necklace and ring with mainly using timing gear are full of mechanism and fantasy.

The dream is not about age, form or any others. It is precisely the possibility of realizing a dream that makes life interesting.

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