Now It Has New Fashion Trend Gone Viral On The Internet Do You Capture Squiggly Brows And Lips

Fashion is a feeling, not a science.

Maybe you have noticed that there is a new fashion trend on Twitter or Instagram. Someone is trying to make a new beauty on their own brows or lips. Earlier this week, a kind of brow happened, so lips was. This kind brow is called squiggly brows or wavy brows.
Just like its sound, lips like two connected wavy lines one might have doodled in their high school binder.

For this new trend, someone has the different and not good opinion. They say it’s so ugly and stupid. But someone likes this kind of makeup.
Sometimes, we are difficult to understand what is the new fashion. But it still pops up on the Internet and shows our creativity.
Scroll down to look at these wavy brows and someone’s remarks.

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#1 Remarks About Wavy Brows

#2 Remarks About Wavy Brows

#3 Remarks About Wavy Brows

#4 Squiggly Brows

#5 Squiggly Brows

#6 Squiggly Brows

#7 Squiggly Brows

#8 Squiggly Lips

#9 Squiggly Brows

#10 Squiggly Lips

#11 Squiggly Brows

#12 Squiggly Lips

#13 Squiggly Brows

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