Top 10 Gorgeous Engagement Ring So Shining I Think You Had Better Wear Sunglasses

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I remember one sentence about Darry Ring” Ring Is Just For One” How romantic it is! Digstories will introduce top 10 engagement ring to you.

The origin of the engagement ring.

Actually, it’s a tradition dating back to the ancient Egyptians, who believed circles were symbols of eternity. Wedded couples exchanged rings made out of braided reeds. These were worn on the left-hand ring finger, which apparently had a vein that ran directly to the heart, later named Vena amoris.

Fast-forward to the 2nd century B.C., when the ancient Romans are believed to have started the tradition of betrothal rings in lieu of giving the bride money or a valuable object. But its symbolism wasn’t so much about love as it was ownership. According to Pliny the Elder, the groom first gave the bride a gold ring to wear during the betrothal ceremony and at special events, then an iron ring to wear at home, signifying her binding legal agreement to his ownership of her.

The meaning of the engagement ring

An engagement ring is a symbol of the promise of marriage. It is also a symbol of the commitment to join as one in a lifelong relationship as husband and wife. … The engagement ring is given after a marriage proposal is accepted and it is representative of the agreement or pledge to marry in the future.

Top 10 expensive engagement ring around the world

Top 10: Princess Diana’s Sapphire Ring– The price is $137,200.

Lady Diana Spencer and Charles, Prince of Wales, became engaged in February 1981. Her engagement ring consists of 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire set in 18-karat white gold. It was created by jeweler Garrard and cost at the time, 28,000 pounds sterling. Diana’s selection of this ring was unusual. It was neither custom-made nor unique and was, at the time of her engagement to Charles, featured in Garrard’s jewelry collection and available to anyone for purchase. Some commentators say Diana selected it because it reminded her of her mother’s engagement ring. Jewelry historian Leslie Field stated: “She [Diana] had obviously already said she would like a sapphire; she had half a dozen rings [to select from] and she chose this one purely because she liked it.” Fields continued: “Somebody came up with the story that she immediately went for the biggest, but I asked her and she told me it definitely wasn’t the biggest, she simply thought it was very beautiful.”

After Diana’s death, Princes William and Harry selected mementos from their mother’s possessions. Harry chose the engagement ring, while William selected Diana’s £19,000 yellow gold Cartier Tank Francaise watch. They eventually exchanged mementos. When Prince William proposed to Catherine Middleton in the autumn of 2010, he gave her the ring. Middleton eventually had the ring resized because she had lost weight prior to the wedding. Her finger being an H, she asked Crown Jewellers G Collins and Sons to attach two platinum studs to it to make it a size I.

The ring has a deep personal significance for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and her husband, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Prince William said at the time of his wedding, that the ring was very special to him and that giving it to Catherine was his way of making sure his mother didn’t miss out on his wedding day.

After the engagement was announced, some called the ring the “Commoner’s Sapphire,” a reference to the bride’s non-royal origins. Others considered the ring a tragic symbol associated with Diana’s failed marriage to the Prince of Wales and untimely death in a car accident in Paris.

Top 9: Argyle Pink Pear-Shaped Diamond– The price is $2.5 million

This goegeous engagement ring belong to Anna Kournikova. The ring is 11 carat Australian (Western Australia) Argyle Pink diamond with trillion cut side stones.

Top 8: Antique engagement ring– The price is $2.5 million

This engagement ring belongs to Catherine-Zeta Jones. Catherine’s engagement ring is a 1920s antique by Fred Leighton. Featuring a 10-carat stone surrounded by 28 smaller stones, it is estimated to cost $1million.

Top 7: jackie kennedy’s engagement ring– The price is 2.6 million dollars.

Jacqueline Kennedy’s first engagement ring was purchased in 1953, back when she went by the name of Jacqueline Lee Bouviere. The ring screamed vintage art deco, and featured several different types of stones and cuts.

Originally created by the French jewelry company, Van Cleef & Arpels, Jackie’s engagement ring boasted both a 2.88 carat weight diamond as well as a 2.84 carat weight emerald. True to Van Cleef & Arpels’ signature French design style, the ring also included several tapered baguettes that accented the main stones with a “flowery” look.

In 1963 the engagement ring was redone, and an additional 2.12 carats of marquise and round cut diamonds were added. The final result was a ring fit for a President’s wife, weighing in at almost 8 carats of diamonds and emeralds.

Top 6: Melania Trump’s engagement ring – The price is $3million

Billion-dollar real-estate mogul Donald Trump proposed to Melania Knauss with a stunning 12-carat ring in 2004 worth $3million.

Top 5: Pink diamond from Harry Winston– The price is $4 million

Jennifer Lopez has been engaged four times, but the engagement ring that Ben Affleck gave her is the most valuable.
Ben famously gave her a 6.1-carat pink diamond from Harry Winston in 2002. She reportedly returned it when they broke up in 2004.

Top 4: Elizabeth Taylor’s Cartier engagement ring– The price is $4.06 million.

In 1957, Mike Todd proposed to Elizabeth Taylor, who this time was gifted a 29.4 carat emerald cut Cartier engagement ring. It was gorgeous enough.

Top 3: Paris Hilton’s large diamond engagement ring – The price is $4.7 million

It is a 24-carat white gold ring that is encrusted with a rectangle-shaped diamond with two triangle-cut baguettes around it. This huge ring was given to Paris Hilton from her ex-fiancé Paris Latsis and it costs nearly $4.7 million.

Top 2: Beyonce’s engagement ring – $5 million

It is the most expensive engagement ring that was presented at our modern time. This Lorraine Schwartz platinum ring is encrusted with an octagon-cut diamond that weighs 18 carats. This magnificent ring was presented to the famous artist Beyonce by her husband Jay Z. The ring costs $5 million to be ranked as the 2nd most expensive ring on our list.

Top 1: Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring – The price is $8.8 million.

The most expensive engagement ring in the whole world is possessed by Elizabeth Taylor. It was presented to her by her husband Richard Burton. This dazzling ring is encrusted with a large Asscher-cut Krupp diamond that weighs 33.19 carats and is known as a pure and transparent diamond. The ring was sold at an auction by Christie’s in December 2011 to an Asian collector for $8.8 million.

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#1 Elizabeth Taylor

#2 Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring

#3 Beyonce’s engagement ring

#4 Paris Hilton’s large diamond engagement ring

#5 Jennifer Lopez

#6 Melania Trump

#7 jackie kennedy

#8 Argyle Pink Pear-Shaped Diamond

#9 Antique engagement ring

#10 Princess Diana

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