Put On Prada To Become Your Inner Queen

I believe most of you have a deep impression of fashion brand, Miuccia Prada is from a fashion family which means she will be involved in fashion a whole life. When she was 20 years old, she met a street painter who was handsome and talented. And they fell in love at first sight. Because of Miuccia background, it was impossible to marry this painter. But this girl didnt throw in the towel and made a brave decision of running away with her lover. They rented a plane to Greece. But unfortunately, something had gone wrong with the plane. His lover gave her the only parachute. She saved her life but her boyfriend left her forever.

After that, when Miuccia becomes the famous fashion designer, she marries a talented businessman. Both of them pushed the Prada brand to a level.

One day after 20 years, she received a letter with a beautiful painting. To her surprise, this letter is from her ex-boyfriend. He said in the letter: I just want to tell you I am alive. But I will not tell you where I am and please dont find me. There are no any results after looking for him. Therefore, she designed a classic nylon bag to memorize the missing love.

 Nowadays, many women own Prada nylon bag to mark their missing love and lovers life. Dont hesitate to scroll down to enjoy Prada design.

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Image taken from:Prada

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